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Census Output Areas within Crookes

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Crookes E00040324
Crookes E00040325
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Crookes E00040329
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Crookes E00040331
Crookes E00040332
Crookes E00040333
Crookes E00040857
Crookes E00040858
Crookes E00040861
Crookes E00040862
Crookes E00040863
Crookes E00040867
Crookes E00040879
Crookes E00040884
Crookes E00040885
Crookes E00040890
Crookes E00040892
Crookes E00040893
Crookes E00040896
Crookes E00040898
Crookes E00040899
Crookes E00040902
Crookes E00040905
Crookes E00041312
Crookes E00041318
Crookes E00041325
Crookes E00041327
Crookes E00041328
Crookes E00041329

Crookes is categorised by the Office of National Statistics as .

Key Stats

All Residents:17,700
Number of households:7,266
Average household size:2.40
Residents in households:17,595
Residents in communal living:105
Area (hectares):419
Population density (people per hectare):42.30

Detailed Stats

Religion (detailed) (QS210EW)


All categories: Religion 17700
Christian 8825
Buddhist 85
Hindu 188
Jewish 24
Muslim (Islam) 387
Sikh 42
Other religion: Total 66
Other religion: Animism 0
Other religion: Baha'i 0
Other religion: Believe in God 2
Other religion: Brahma Kumari 0
Other religion: Chinese Religion 0
Other religion: Church of All Religion 0
Other religion: Confucianist 0
Other religion: Deist 2
Other religion: Druid 0
Other religion: Druze 0
Other religion: Eckankar 0
Other religion: Heathen 1
Other religion: Jain 2
Other religion: Mixed Religion 2
Other religion: Mysticism 0
Other religion: Native American Church 0
Other religion: New Age 0
Other religion: Occult 0
Other religion: Own Belief System 0
Other religion: Pagan 19
Other religion: Pantheism 1
Other religion: Rastafarian 9
Other religion: Ravidassia 0
Other religion: Reconstructionist 0
Other religion: Satanism 1
Other religion: Scientology 1
Other religion: Shamanism 1
Other religion: Shintoism 0
Other religion: Spiritual 3
Other religion: Spiritualist 8
Other religion: Taoist 0
Other religion: Theism 0
Other religion: Thelemite 0
Other religion: Traditional African Religion 0
Other religion: Unification Church 0
Other religion: Universalist 0
Other religion: Vodun 1
Other religion: Wicca 5
Other religion: Witchcraft 3
Other religion: Zoroastrian 1
Other religion: Other religions 4
No religion: Total 6808
No religion: No religion 6640
No religion: Agnostic 31
No religion: Atheist 36
No religion: Free Thinker 0
No religion: Heavy Metal 3
No religion: Humanist 12
No religion: Jedi Knight 86
No religion: Realist 0
Religion not stated 1275

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